Ali Doostdar design studio

In 2018 Ali Doostdar design team moved into an existing two-bedroom apartment in a modern architecture in Karaj,Iran. This empty space needed some love & attention – luckily we were the right people for the job. Beginning with neutral grey and white colors to enable us to add any furniture, accessories and planting with variety of colours. this became a very personal project to ensure that the space was a reflection of our personality, and the bright outlook we have for our future as a business.  The finished product is a minimal look & feel of a design office, and has been injected with our own unique flavour, along with some excellent styling from our team. We are very proud to call it our home!

  • Interior designer:  Ali Doostdar Design Studio
  • Location:  Karaj, Iran
  • Project year:  2018

Ali Doostdar design studio based in
Tehran, Iran
Melbourne, Australia

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Zavieh, Azadi innovation factory, Lashkari highway, Tehran, Iran